Municipal Court

The Iola Municipal Court is presided over by the Honorable Judge Patricia Boyd. Municipal Court is held in the Iola City Commission Meeting room in city hall beginning at 3 p.m. each Wednesday.

The Municipal Court Clerk prepares the docket and maintains the court records. The Municipal Court Clerk is also responsible for collecting fines and issuing subpoenas for the necessary witnesses. All paperwork including complaints, bench warrants, dispositions and court orders issued by the court are the responsibilities of the Court Clerk.

Iola City Code

Citation, Summons, Notice to Appear

I received a citation, What should I do?

If you received a citation, summons, or Notice to Appear for any of the following violations, you may be able to have the charges dismissed for the reasons stated below, and you should contact the prosecuting attorney at 620-365-1420 if they apply to you:

Reasons Charges Could Be Dismissed

Charge Consideration for Dismissal
Illegal Registration / Improper Tag You have obtained proper registration and tag for the vehicle cited.
No Proof of Liability Insurance You had Insurance in effect at the time the ticket was issued.
No Drivers License/ Expired License You had a drivers license at the time the ticket was issued or have obtained one since then.
Illegal Window Tint You have had the tinting removed and so verified by an Iola Police Officer.
Defective Equipment (Headlights, Muffler, etc.) The equipment has been repaired and inspected by an Iola Police Officer.
Failure to Clear Property The property has been cleared and inspected by the Iola Code Enforcement Officer.