Animal Control

Iola Code Enforcement officers and the Iola Police Department enforce local Animal Control Ordinances in addition to Kansas Animal Cruelty Statutes. Duties include inspection of private animal shelter conditions provided by their owner, animal health and care, ensuring dogs, cats, and ferrets are properly licensed, enforcement of local leash laws, and maintaining records of all animals impounded at The Allen County Animal Rescue Facility, the facility contracted by the city to house and care for all animals picked up by Iola officers. Iola police officers respond to animal-related complaints 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year. Generally, domesticated animals such as dogs and cats are the subject of city ordinances regulating the care, treatment and control, thereof.

Wild Animals

Occasionally, Iola officers are required to respond to complaints of wildlife that pose a threat to the human population within the city limits. However, the City of Iola generally loans humane traps to individuals requiring the removal of nuisance wildlife. A Live Trap Loan Agreement is required by anyone requesting a trap. For details, contact the Iola Code Enforcement office.

Tips on Caring for Your Pets

During hot summer months, it is important that pet owners provide adequate shelter from the heat. Any pet that spends time outdoors should be provided shade and ample fresh water to keep them cool and prevent overheating and dehydration. Do not leave your animal locked inside your vehicle. Even with the windows left open, temperatures inside your vehicle can become excessive enough to cause death to your animal. A proper diet is very important to your pet also.

Obey leash laws. Pets that are allowed to run free risk injury from being struck by moving vehicles. They also run the risk of becoming lost, being picked up by law enforcement, or intentionally injured by someone who is not as fond of your pet as you are. Pet owners also subject themselves to unnecessary liability risks by allowing their pets to run free. Your pet may bite, or otherwise injure someone, or cause property damage. Last but not least, there is a fine imposed on pet owners convicted of allowing pets to run free.

Obtain the necessary pet license (PDF). If you own a cat or dog within the City of Iola, you are required by law to obtain a pet license. Pet licenses allow for the identification of found and impounded pets by the police department. A current pet license may mean the difference between your pet spending the weekend in the pound or being brought back home when found by police or animal control officers the one time your pet manages to slip away from his or her home. A weekend in the pound is more costly than the license itself.

Adopt a Pet

If you want to adopt a pet contact the following: