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Online Payments

Online payment option is now being offered as a convenience for City of Iola Utilities customers and for individuals making payments for fines through Iola Municipal Court. Please do not use the online payment system if your citation lists "Court" in the field intended for the fine amount. You are required to appear in court on the court date listed on your citation.

Customers utilising online payments will be charged a convenience fee. Credit/Debit cards will be assessed a fee of 2.5% of the payment amount.  Check payments will be assessed a fee of $1.50.  Customers can make payments at city hall and/or over the phone for no additional fee.

To access online payments, follow this link. You will be redirected to an external website.

Billing Adjustments

Monthly gas, electric and water adjustments are made on customer's billing according to the prices paid by the City of Iola for gas, electric and water.

Frequently Asked Questions

The panels below list answers to many frequently asked question about Iola Municipal Utilities services and accounts.

What do I need to receive utility service from the City of Iola?

New service requires a current rent receipt or proof of ownership, if you own the property. Picture I.D., proof of Social Security Number, and signatures for all adults residing at the property. Initial service fees are $10.00 per utility, or $30.00 for gas, water and electric services, these charges are non-refundable.

If you are transferring from one residence to another within the City of Iola you will need to provide us with a current rent receipt or proof of ownership, fees of $5.00 per utility and any billing, that is over 10 days old, will have to be paid. When transferring please be aware that your bill may be due on a different date than at your previous address.

The City is divided into four billing zones, with utility billings processed on Thursdays and payments are due within 28 days following the date of that billing. Delinquent notices will be sent for unpaid billings, to be paid within 12 days of the date of such notice, or utility service will be discontinued. You have the right to appear and be heard concerning the same prior to the expiration of the 12 days by contacting the City Utility Office at City Hall, 620-365-4910. If payment is not made within the 12 day period, a delinquent fee of $25.00 is due and payable, once the disconnect report has been compiled. Payments on delinquent accounts made after 4:00 p.m. are not guaranteed to be turned back on that day, and may be scheduled after 8:00 a.m. the following workday. No reconnections will be made on Saturday, Sundays, Holidays or after normal working hours.

Is there a late payment fee if my utility bill is not paid by the due date?

By action of the City Council at their meeting of October 28, 2003, a 5% penalty will be applied to all unpaid utility account balances after the due date, effective with the January 2004 utility billings. Utility customers need to make note of the utility due date on their January 2004 billings, as there will be no additional notification to customers prior to the assessment of the 5% penalty. If the utility bill and/or the 5% penalty is not paid by the disconnection date, as printed on the shut-off notice, then a $25 delinquent fee will be applied to the billing, and utilities will be disconnected at that time. General Ordinance No. 3315, published November 3, 2003 in the Iola Daily Register, does authorize a 5% penalty on all utility account balances that remain unpaid following the due date of the billing and will become effective with the January 2004 utility billings.

Can my utilities be shut off for nonpayment during winter months?

The City of Iola is exempted from the “Cold Weather Rule” established by the Kansas Corporate Commission. K.S.A. 66-131 states “In no event shall such jurisdiction authorize the corporation commission to review, consider, or effect the facilities or rates charged for services or in any way the operation of such municipality owned or operated electric or gas utility with the corporate limits or outside but within three (3) miles of the corporate limits of any city, or facilities, or rates charged for services or in any way the operation of facilities or their replacements now owned by any such utility”.

The city does take into consideration; if the temperature is below freezing, disconnects will not be done until the next day the temperature is above freezing. No notice will be given before disconnects are done. The city utility office has a list available of local organizations that at times will help individuals pay their utility bills. All disconnected accounts paid after 4:00 p.m. will be reconnected after 8:00 a.m. the following business day, unless a $75.00 after hours surcharge is paid.

What if I have a utility account that is left unpaid?

All unpaid accounts that are older than 60 days will be classified as a bad debt. Delinquent fees may be added at this time and the bad debts will be submitted to the State of Kansas Setoff Program for collection and reporting purposes.

What do I need to do if I have a bad check?

All checks issued to the City of Iola are automatically processed once by the bank, before the City is notified of a bad check. The City is required to redeem the check within 24 hours. When advised by the bank of a bad check, the City will notify the customer that the amount of the check plus a $30.00 fee must be paid within a specified time. After two bad checks on any account in a year, the customer will be required to pay cash for a period of one year.

What are seasonal utilities service charges?

Any gas, water, or electric customers requesting reconnection of service, which has been disconnected during the off-season for a period of more than 30 days, shall be charged a fee of $40.00 for gas, $20.00 for water and $20.00 for electric. Commercial customers will be charged the same with the exception of electric and it will be $25.00. Fees shall apply, but are not limited to, seasonal shutoffs for gardens, air conditioners, furnaces, extended vacations and owners disconnecting for seasonal savings.

Do you require a deposit to establish service?

In normal circumstances, an initial service charge of $10.00 per utility is all that is required.

May I establish service outside of regular work hours?

A charge of $75.00 for connection or disconnection of gas and/or water service and a charge of $75.00 for connection or disconnection of electric service will be made if work is done other than during the hours when the utilities office of the City of Iola is open for business. The Iola Police Department, 620.365.4960, will take all information regarding after-hours connections or disconnections. For new consumers, these charges shall be in addition to the initial service charge. A charge of $75.00 for disconnection of water and $75.00 for disconnection of electric service shall be made in cases of emergency, due to water leakage or electric shorts. No charge will be made for emergency disconnection of gas due to leaks.

If a leak is discovered am I responsible for all charges incurred because of the leak?

The City of Iola maintains the utility line to the meter. If the leak occurs before the utility goes through the meter, you will not be charged, however, if the utility goes through the meter you will be responsible for all charges.

What types of utility bill payments are available?

You may mail your payment to the City of Iola, P.O. Box 308, Iola, Ks. 66749.

You may drop off your payment at 2 W Jackson, during regular business hours of 8:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m., or after hours, you may use the drop box located at the drive-thru window.

You may pay over the phone, or come into the office, to pay via credit card; Discover, MasterCard, and Visa are currently accepted, with a maximum of $1,000 payment.

Also available is payment via direct withdrawal from your bank account. On the day your bill is due the City will withdraw the amount of your bill from your account. Requirements for this payment method require a specific form that must be signed at City Hall.

How much are new Electric service charges
  • New residential service; 100 amp- $100, 200 amp- $150, over 200 amp- Time and Material costs
  • New commercial and industrial service; 100 amp- $$125, 200 amp- $200, over 200 amp- Time and Material costs
  • Service upgrade; 100 amp- $100, 200 amp- $200, over 200 amp- Time and Material costs
  • Temporary Service- $50
I have had utility service with the City of Iola for more than 30 years. Do I have a deposit coming to me when I no longer have utility service?

In 1976, all deposits were refunded and the City of Iola no longer requires deposits.