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Natural Gas Rates and Fees

Gas Rates and Fees
Monthly customer charge
Inside City
Outside City
Commodity Charges
For 1000 Mcf per month (per Mcf)
Over 1000 Mcf per month (per Mcf)
Stop Loss Adjustments to Gas Rates
(Large Industrial user purchase option)
Stop loss adjustments, if applicable, shall commence with the June billing. Depending on wholesale supply cost to the city, the city shall use the following formula to calculate an adjustment to be charged to the consumer for reimbursement of actual supply cost over the adopted rate. The formula to be used in calculating this adjustment is as follows:


A= Gas commodity cost for preceding month (invoice plus applicable storage gas).
B= Transportation cost for preceding month.
C= City gate delivery volume for preceding month (delivery statement [includes storage]).
D= Average delivered commodity cost per Mcf
E= The average priced per Mcf of the city's non-gas cost. This non-gas cost is to be reviewed annually following adoption of the budget for the next year.
F= City's total estimated cost for month per Mcf.
G= City's adopted natural gas service rate as specified in municipal code 34-768.
H= Adjustment cost charged to customer per Mcf.

Gas tap fees

Standard tap: $200. Must be paid at time of application.

Oversize (2 inch) taps are charged time and material, billed at time of application