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Iola Municipal Code

Iola's Municipal Code is maintained on the web site.


The link to the Iola Municipal Code periodically changes. If the page fails to load, refresh browser or enter into the address bar and click enter. After navigating to the Municode home page, locate the "Access to Municipal Codes" section. Choose "Search Free Municipal Code Library". After the map has loaded on the new page, select "Kansas". On the next page, select Iola.




Permit Forms and Applications

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Building Permit

Fence Permit

Demolition Permit

Roof Permit

Sign Permit

Moving Permit

Right-of-Way Permit

Accessory Structure Permit

Planning Zoning Application

License Forms

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Building Codes

Iola's adoption of the International Codes reflects the City's progressive nature. By implementing the more standardized International Codes, a rarity in smaller cities, Iola reflects its up to date approach to code enforcement. For more on Iola's Municipal Code, follow the link on the left. Iola has adopted the 2000 edition of the International Residential Code, International Building Code, International Plumbing Code, International Mechanical Code and the International Property Maintenance Code. Iola has also adopted the 2002 edition of the National Electrical Code.


The City of Iola requires building permits for certain projects. The best way to find out if you need a permit is to call our office at (620)365-4903 and discuss your project with one of our inspectors.

Permits are generally required for the following:

To learn more about the benefits of building permits download the following brochures, Benefits of Building Permits, Building Codes - How They Help You.

Permit Applications

To speed up the permit approval process you may print out the following application forms, fill in the blanks and bring it into our office. Many permits can be approved and issued the same day. Other permits may require a site inspection and may take longer to review and approve. We will strive to approve your permit as quickly as possible. Please plan ahead for your permit, some permits require a few days of review prior to issuing a permit. You will find permit applications to the right side of this page.